What is hockey IQ?

Abstract: This is me taking off my statistical glasses and putting on my coaching glasses. With the NHL draft behind us, I want to share my view on non-statistical player evaluation. Meghan Chayka declared the term “Hockey IQ” banished yesterday, so I figured I would give you my interpretation of on-ice decision making. Talent vs.Continue reading “What is hockey IQ?”

Projecting future results – Skater edition

Abstract: I have previously introduced the sGAA model (See here), which is primarily a descriptive model. Now I will introduce a predictive counterpart – projected sGAA or p-sGAA. It’s based on 3 years of weighted data. sGAA describes past performances while p-sGAA projects future performances. The projection model: The model is basically based on 3Continue reading “Projecting future results – Skater edition”