Game Projections

Here’s how the model compares to other public models: Here’s the log loss for each team: And here’s the log loss of each team compared to the imlplied odds: Game projections can be found daily on Twitter. All games will be updated here from time to time (Updated June 6th 2021). Betting Result I’ve alsoContinue reading “Game Projections”


Introduction The idea with this post is to explain all my statistical work up until this point. Most of it has already been explained in previous articles, but I want to collect it all in one place. And also add some insight on the thought process behind the models. I’m hoping to write this asContinue reading “Hockey-Statistics”

Game Projections – January 22nd 2021

Originally posted on Hockey-Statistics:
Here’s how the model compares to other public models: Game projections will be updated here daily. All games so far can be found here. The home ice advantage has been cut in half due to empty seats. I will reexamine this in a few weeks.

Season Projections 20/21 – Updated

The previous season projections can be found here. There are a few important things to be aware of when interpreting the model. Important notes and updates: The previous projection had a mistake in the goaltender projections, but this is fixed now. The updated model is based on lineups (including taxi squad) from Players onContinue reading “Season Projections 20/21 – Updated”


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