Perspective: Perception – Decision – Execution

In this third perspective article, I want to dig into a somewhat unconventional way to do player analysis. I think this is a very interesting discussion to have, and hopefully you’re able to follow my thought process. The 4 Pillars Often you define and evaluate players through the 4 pillars: Technical, Tactical, Physical and Psychological/Mental.Continue reading “Perspective: Perception – Decision – Execution”

Perspective: Skills vs. Competences

In this second perspective article I want to talk about skills and competences. I know that skill is often used interchangeably with competence, so the following is simply my definitions of the two words: A Skill: Knowing how to do it and being able to do it. A Competence: Actually doing it under pressure inContinue reading “Perspective: Skills vs. Competences”

Perspective: The Difference between a Team sport and an Individual sport

I’m waiting for the post-season to finish before I get started with my model building process. So, in the meantime I want to do a bit of writing. The plan is to write short articles about ideas and concepts that fascinate me. These may or may not be hockey statistics related. I will call theseContinue reading “Perspective: The Difference between a Team sport and an Individual sport”

What the future holds!

In the last few days, I’ve been thinking about the next steps for I’ve decided to write an article about my thoughts. This puts some pressure on me to get things done, and hopefully I will get most of the following ready for the upcoming season. Model Building: As soon as the post-season finishesContinue reading “What the future holds!”

Video tutorial: Working with Shot data

Video 1: Combining Shot Statistics data from multiple seasons into one pivot table in Excel Video 2: Creating a Shot visualization in Power BI Files: Shot Statistics Data (Onedrive link with updated data), Rink Image and Power BI project. Online link to the Project In order to publish Power BI projects you will need aContinue reading “Video tutorial: Working with Shot data”

Video Tutorial: Creating a Shot Visualization Tool

The primary goal with this video tutorial is to show that shot tracking and shot plotting doesn’t have to be that complicated. The visualization is created in Excel, because it’s what I know, but also because Excel is less intimidating to most people. The end goal is to get more people interested in hockey statistics!Continue reading “Video Tutorial: Creating a Shot Visualization Tool”

Building an xG model – v. 1.0

In this article I will take a first crack at building an xG model from scratch. As with most things I do, the approach is slightly different from the other public xG models. Background and purpose: Before we get to the actual model building, it’s important to understand what an xG model is… And whatContinue reading Building an xG model – v. 1.0

Introduction To Hockey Statistics – First Chapter

You can find the full book here: Table of contents 2. Shot statistics Most statistics in hockey is based on shots. So, that will naturally be the focus in the first chapter. I think the best way to describe shot statistics is through a shot hierarchy. At the top you have the result, andContinue reading “Introduction To Hockey Statistics – First Chapter”

BDC 2022 – Transforming Event Data Into Possession Data

Abstract The event data by Stathletes for the Big Data Cup is very detailed. This should allow us to determine when (time), where (coordinates) and how (event) a player gains possession of the puck. Likewise, it should be possible to determine when, where and how a player losses possession of the puck. In other words,Continue reading “BDC 2022 – Transforming Event Data Into Possession Data”

Game projection model – Pre-season Model (Part IIIA)

This is the continued saga of “how to build a game projection”. I’d recommend reading the three previous articles of the series before you continue reading this post: The goal in this article is to lay the groundwork for the final game projection model. In the previous article I built the in-season model. Today IContinue reading “Game projection model – Pre-season Model (Part IIIA)”