Perspective: Perception – Decision – Execution

In this third perspective article, I want to dig into a somewhat unconventional way to do player analysis. I think this is a very interesting discussion to have, and hopefully you’re able to follow my thought process. The 4 Pillars Often you define and evaluate players through the 4 pillars: Technical, Tactical, Physical and Psychological/Mental.Continue reading “Perspective: Perception – Decision – Execution”

Perspective: Skills vs. Competences

In this second perspective article I want to talk about skills and competences. I know that skill is often used interchangeably with competence, so the following is simply my definitions of the two words: A Skill: Knowing how to do it and being able to do it. A Competence: Actually doing it under pressure inContinue reading “Perspective: Skills vs. Competences”

Perspective: The Difference between a Team sport and an Individual sport

I’m waiting for the post-season to finish before I get started with my model building process. So, in the meantime I want to do a bit of writing. The plan is to write short articles about ideas and concepts that fascinate me. These may or may not be hockey statistics related. I will call theseContinue reading “Perspective: The Difference between a Team sport and an Individual sport”

Video Tutorial: Creating a Shot Visualization Tool

The primary goal with this video tutorial is to show that shot tracking and shot plotting doesn’t have to be that complicated. The visualization is created in Excel, because it’s what I know, but also because Excel is less intimidating to most people. The end goal is to get more people interested in hockey statistics!Continue reading “Video Tutorial: Creating a Shot Visualization Tool”