Model Cards – Shows how each game projection model performed in terms log loss and betting results (using the Kelly criterion to calculate betsize). You can change the model by clicking the model name. All tracked projections can be found here: Win probabilities

Log loss Card – An overview of the log loss for each game projection model.

Team Cards – Shows the performance (sGAA) of every team since 2007. You can obviously change the team and the season, but you can also change the input for the graph by clicking the drop-down lists next to “Timeline”.

Player Cards – Versus – Find the current player value (S-Score) and compare with another player.

Player Cards – Teams – Find the player values for each team.

Team projection Cards – Shows a preview for each team of the 21-22 season. The actual point pace will be updated continuously.

Goalie Cards – Shows the goaltender performance of the 21-22 season.

Expected Goals vs Actual Goals – Illustrates the team performance in terms expected goals and actual goals.

Shot Analysis – Analyse every shot of the 21/22 season

Season projections – Comparing team point predictions from a number of models to the current point pace.

Team Power Rankings – Shows the strength of every team right now. It’s based on the most recent line up. However, it includes the starting goaltender even if the backup played in the last game.

Big Data Cup 2022: NWHL Player Cards and NWHL Team Cards

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